Frequently Asked Questions about the WebStarts affiliate program

Q. What is WebStarts?

A. WebStarts is a website builder that make it easy for anyone to create a custom website without knowing how to code.

Q. How much money will I earn promoting WebStarts?

A. With WebStarts you can earn up to $300 for each referral. Please refer to the complete product schedule for individual product payout amounts.

Q. How much money will I earn a month promoting WebStarts?

A. Assuming you refer 10 people per day and 5% sign you'll earn $187.50 per month. If you refer 100 per day $1,875 per month, at 1000 referrals a day you make $18,750 per month.

Q. Where will you send my commissions?

A. All commissions are paid via Paypal. You must have a valid Paypal email address to receive affiliate payments from WebStarts.

Q. When will my commissions be sent to my Paypal account?

A. WebStarts deposits affiliate commissions into your Paypal account 45 days after the month when the commission was earned. This allows us adequate time to screen commissions for fraudulent transactions and refunds.

Q. Is there a minimum amount I need to make before I receive a deposit?

A. Yes, you must earn at least $250 in total commission before a deposit is initiated. 

Q. Does it cost anything to join the affiliate program?

A. No, it's completely free to become a WebStarts affiliate.